Setting a Precedent

Posted on: August 15th, 2015 by Britt Knighton

Major Legal Services Company Starts to Accept Bitcoin Payments

I read this article and laughed a little.  The largest nay sayers often tout the idea of shaded legality when it comes to the world of digital currency.  People feel as though the lack of regulation instantly means it holds a lack of morals and values.  If you are an advocate or a follower of Clarity for a while, you will know how untrue this is.  Block chain technology ever heightens the individual’s accountability and transparency instead of traditional fiat currency institutions that can hide behind their name or index portfolio.

So, when the industry leading directory and lawyer matching service started accepting bitcoin, I smiled.  When the teeth of the annoying barking dog flips sides and see the advantages of digital currency, it makes the nay sayers even more bark and no bite.

Precedent set… and match.

You can read the original article here.

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