How it Works

Learn about the Clarity Currency software

Clarity never actually needs to have possession of your bitcoin. Our systems merely makes trades on your behalf through a connection to your exchange wallet through what’s called an API. An API is the gateway of communication between software platforms. Through this we are able to simply communicate buy and sell orders to your exchange wallet if we detect a dramatic price movement. We never need full control of your funds. Yet, our systems are monitoring the markets around-the-clock to minimize risk exposure to your bitcoin investment.

Clarity is fully transparent with all trade activity. Each user can view any order that has been executed as well as how our systems are performing against the market. You also have the ability to stop trading at any time and for any reason. All you have to do is connect your exchange account and Clarity takes care of the rest.

Mitigating Risk

There is no doubt that the bitcoin market is volatile. We have seen swings in the past three years from less than $11 to more than $1100 per bitcoin. These dramatic peaks and troughs of pricing may have frightened the average consumer, but bitcoin technology continues to prove to be an inevitable development of global financial systems.

With bitcoin there is no opening or closing bell and there is no exchange committee to cut bait when the market is too volatile. With different time zones, peak trading times, and communities that utilize digital currency differently, the average bitcoin user would be hobbled. For years, our team has been analyzing the market, studying its successes and failures. We came to one scary conclusion – you can’t protect your bitcoin from that kind of volatility 24/7. It’s quite possible to go to sleep and wake up to your currency worth 30% less than the night before. But where other’s saw a problem, we saw an opportunity.

Welcome to Clarity Currency. We’re excited to share with you what we’ve built!

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