Clarity Knowledgebase

The Dashboard

The Clarity dashboard is the central hub for your Clarity account. From the dashboard, you are able to quickly view the status of your exchange account progress. Let’s take a look at the various parts of the dashboard and help you get familiar with the features of the Clarity web app.

The Sidebar

The sidebar is always available from your dashboard and gives you access to the current state of your Bitcoin exchange account. From here you’ll get an overview of your user info, Bitcoin starting balance (when you first created your account), and the current balance in your exchange account.

Additionally, you can pause/activate trading on your account at any time. If for any reason you want to pause trading on your account, just click the “Pause Trading” button at the bottom of the sidebar. You can resume trading at any time by clicking “Activate Trading”.

When on a mobile device or small-screen device, the sidebar may be hidden to save space. You can click/tap the plus icon in the top left of the header to view or hide the sidebar at any time.

Recent Trade Activity

The recent trade activity gives you a tabular overview of recent trades made by Clarity systems. This can provide you with great insight into how well Clarity is performing. Transparency is our goal with this tool, so we want you to have the ability to see our progress at all times.

Live Market Feed

The live market feed will show you up-to-the-minute trade data on BTC/USD. This is a great tool for helping you see how your Bitcoin value with Clarity is fairing compared to the rest of the market.

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