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Finalize Clarity Setup

Important: If you have created your Bitfinex exchange account you can complete this step at any time. Once you store these keys in your Clarity profile and deposit at least 0.5btc into your exchange account, Clarity will be actively monitoring that bitcoin.

Now that you have bitcoin in your exchange account, the only thing left to do is to create the API keys that Clarity will use to access your account and make trades on your behalf. Let’s do that now:

  1. To do this, login to your Bitfinex exchange account. Once logged in, you will see a drop down icon with several gears labeled ‘Utility and API’.
  2. Under this drop-down click ‘API Keys’. You will see ‘API Key Management’: click ‘Create New Key’. You will now have the option to select the permissions for this API key. Make sure you select the checkbox for ‘Write’ next to ‘Orders’. Click ‘GENERATE API KEY’.
  3. This will generate two alphanumeric key codes. The first is your public key, the second is your private key. You’ll need to enter both of these in to your Clarity account under ‘My Account‘.

    Warning: API Keys are literally digital “keys” that allow access to your account. Please treat these as you would a password. Store them securely and do not share them.

  4. To add your API keys to Clarity, you’ll need to be logged in to your Clarity account. If you haven’t yet entered API keys to your account, you should be immediately redirected to your complete profile page where you will be able to enter the private and public key pair. Once you do this and submit your keys, you should be given access to Clarity – provided you have entered valid payment information. If you are updating your keys, you can do that from the my account page under the account settings area – in the section labeled “API Tokens”.

    Congratulations! Your bitcoin is now fully integrated with Clarity. You can login anytime to monitor live trades on your account. We’re glad you’ve decided to trust Clarity to protect your digital assets.

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