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Exchange Account Setup

Now that you own bitcoin, you are well on your way to integrating your exchange account with Clarity. First you need to sign up for an exchange account with Bitfinex. Below is a step-by-step process to set up your exchange account.

Here’s an overview:

  1. Sign up for a free account at Bitfinex (select ‘exchange account’ when prompted).
  2. Send bitcoin from Coinbase wallet to Bitfinex exchange wallet.
  3. Create Bitfinex API key.
  4. Connect the API key with your Clarity dashboard.

NOTE: we have laid out 2 specific companies that we suggest to use for your bitcoin wallet and your trading account. If you choose to acquire your bitcoin through another subsidiary, this tutorial won’t help you with the specific steps, but the flow of information to the exchange and how Clarity will use your account is the same.

Setting up your account with Bitfinex

Once you have purchased your bitcoin and have it in your wallet, you will need to open an account with a trading platform so you can buy and sell BTC on the open market.

  1. Navigate to and follow the steps to sign up.
  2. This is the prompt screen for sign up credentials.You can choose what currency you would like to view your account in. We suggest BTC so you aren’t constantly having to convert USD to BTC in your head. When selecting the account type, you need to click “EXCHANGE” as your account default. This allows your wallet to move seamlessly into trading with Clarity.

    Note: you may also need to verify your email address or perform a seperate 2-step security request.

  3. You are in! This is your dashboard. On the top right of your dashboard, you will see:
    • Deposit
    • Withdraw
    • Wallets

    Click the “Deposit” button

  4. You will see three wallet addresses; Exchange, Trading, and Deposit. Copy the exchange wallet address to transfer your bitcoin from Coinbase. If you are using the Coinbase app you can also scan the QR code provided.

Adding Bitcoin to Bitfinex using Coinbase

Once you have your Bitfinex account setup AND you have received your bitcoin from Coinbase, you can follow these easy steps to add some bitcoin into your Bitfinex exchange account.

  1. In Coinbase, click ‘send/receive’ at the top left of your screen.
  2. From here, you can either copy and paste the Exchange Wallet address found in Bitfinex or scan the QR code for that same address.
  3. Once you have transferred at least 0.5 BTC into your exchange account, you will be able to integrate and trade through Clarity.


    One step left and you’re all set.

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