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All About Trading

At this point, you may be wondering why so many different applications are necessary for Clarity to function. The underlying question though is, “How does Clarity Work.” Let’s take a moment to look at how Clarity works and what involvement we have with your Bitcoin.

Clarity is not a Bitcoin Wallet

Clarity currency does not store your Bitcoin. We require our clients to utilize third-party services for this purpose.

Once you have purchased bitcoin, you can transfer it into an exchange account. If you purchased bitcoin within the exchange, make sure that you transfer it to your ‘exchange’ wallet. After you have bitcoin in your exchange wallet you can integrate that wallet with Clarity. This will give us the ability to trade on your behalf, but we never have possession of your bitcoin. This helps to ensure your privacy and security, and keeps you in total control over your Bitcoin at all times.

Clarity is not an Exchange

The first thing to know is that Clarity Currency is not an exchange software. Clarity software is a system of complex algorithms that determine the highest probability with which your bitcoin may be subject to a loss in value. With this data, Clarity sends requests to your exchange account (ie. Bitfinex) to make these trades on your behalf in order to mitigate risk of loss.

How often does trading take place?

It depends. We are constantly testing and implementing new algorithms that trade in different ways. Our goal is to always employ the most dynamic algorithms to autonomously protect your digital wealth.

Minimum Trading Balances

Clarity implements a minimum trading balance and requires you to have a certain amount of Bitcoin in your account at all times in order to make trades.

This policy is in place to ensure that your participation in Clarity is worth the small subscription fee we charge. Though, this fee is small, we want to make sure you get the most out of your experience with us.

Guarantee of Returns

Just like an investment firm, Clarity cannot guarantee returns or return on investment (ROI). While our goal is to always protect you from loss, some trades may actually earn you a small return. However and again, Clarity does not promise these returns. That said, we work hard to protect our customers from the volatility of the Bitcoin market. By utilizing Clarity’s trading algorithms you are statistically more likely to mitigate risk and maximize reward – all while maintaining the value of your Bitcoin on the market, especially in times of high volatility.

We think the coolest thing about Clarity is that we haven’t even seen the full potential of our systems yet. Historically, our algorithms have performed very well. As the Bitcoin economy grows we look forward to creating even safer, more intelligent, and more efficient systems.

All that said, keep in mind that our trades are based on activity in the Bitcoin markets. When the volatility is more level, however, Clarity trades less often. Therefore, you may notice more trading activity when Bitcoin value fluctuates more frequently, and fewer trades during more stable periods.

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