Who we are and what we do.

Our Vision

We believe digital currency represents the next logical progression of monetary systems. Our desire is to enable anyone who is interested in owning bitcoin the peace of mind that was previously only made available through traditional investments. We believe that by lowering the barriers to entry, we can help bring a new and diverse population into the bitcoin community.

The Birth of Clarity

Our team surmised that we could create a series of non-predatory algorithms to best read, buy, and sell digital currency based off of a number trends and indicators in a tremulous bitcoin market. After iteration upon iteration, we revamped, retooled, and continue to fine-tune our systems in such a way that allows the average bitcoin user a means to protect their digital assets whether at work, asleep, on vacation, or otherwise occupied.

We thought this was a service to the bitcoin users that enjoyed studying markets like us, but we realized, there is a greater result of the work we’ve done. We have created a safe place for anyone to be able to participate in something as incredible as bitcoin without having to accept the inherent risk from such a volatile market. Not only that, but our systems can serve as an actively managed investment for individuals looking to invest, but cannot (or don’t have the time) do so through traditional trading vehicles (i.e. mutual funds, markets, etc).

Our Work

At Clarity Currency, we have created a simple way to protect your bitcoin investment from the high volatility of the market. Clarity provides an intuitive application backed by powerful mathematics to issue calls that minimize a client’s exposure to unnecessary volatility. Our end goal is to minimize risk and maximize reward of your bitcoin investment. Ceaselessly analyzing, learning, and evolving, our systems are able to trade more effectively than any human and they never tire. We have leveraged technology and mathematics against bitcoin’s volatility to create algorithms that are reliable in protecting and maximizing your digital wealth.

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