The first automated tool to protect the value of your bitcoin investment

Bitcoin technology is changing the face of banking and finance across the globe. While this is an emerging and unpredictable new commodity, we have developed software that allows people just like you to protect their digital assets from the volatility involved with bitcoin investment. This gives you the power to participate in this new and exciting economy while enjoying the many benefits bitcoin has to offer.

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Clarity Currency and Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is bought and sold on its own exchanges similar to how companies are traded on the stock market. Unlike traditional markets, however, bitcoin trading never stops so the price fluctuates constantly. This means that even if you’re asleep, the price could drop $100. To successfully protect your bitcoin investment, you need around-the-clock attention on your wallet. That’s where we come in. Our trading systems run 24/7; so while you’re counting sheep, we’re watching your digital currency – replacing stress with peace of mind.

Clarity fills the gap between digital currency’s volatility and its benefits with powerful, complex, and beautiful automated trading systems. We’ve worked diligently to create a series of advanced algorithms that constantly monitor the bitcoin markets and are able to trade on a second’s notice, and work as your personal digital trading advisor to protect your accounts’ value. Our top-of-the-line applications allow you to easily monitor trading of your digital currency. With Clarity as your ally, we manage trades on your behalf day and night to mitigate risk and maximize returns. Again, allowing you to take part in the growth in the bitcoin economy.

Clarity works tirelessly – so you can sleep easy.

Clarity bitcoin investment application

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Volatile markets don’t scare us – the Bitcoin market is a roller coaster.  It’s a wild ride attractive to informed investors and early adopters, but unfortunately, it scares away most. Clarity mitigates this risk by distinguishing between quick trends and longer term growth to trade on your behalf and protect your investments. Our historical performance can prove it.


When you use Clarity you are still in control of your bitcoin and your wallet. You decide how much to invest, and our advanced algorithms go to work – analyzing the market constantly to make informed and intelligent trades. This leaves you with freedom to invest in bitcoin and have excess currency in your wallet free for commerce.


Risk is risk, is risk. Any time you invest, there is risk involved. The reason we are here is to foster trust in the bitcoin community. Nothing is guaranteed, but historical data has proven that our proprietary algorithms can stabilize the value of your bitcoin wallet. By teaming with Clarity you allow yourself to contribute to bitcoin’s values while protecting your purchasing power over time.

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